Interactive media is a wide-ranging concept. We will support you in finding the proper format and medium that is just right for you.

Regardless of whether you need your video on the internet, in a format suitable for mobile phones, on DVD or Blu-ray. In our multimedia department, we will transfer your videos and content to the proper format and on to the suitable medium. Tailored exactly to your requirements. We are specialists in the handling of audiovisual formats.

// Encoding      // Graphical services      // Authoring      // Premastering and Pressmaster quality control      // Duplication coordination      // VoD      // Aspera transfers      


We know and work with all compression standards.

Our know-how includes the implementation of your interactive program, as well as meeting further challenges.

• Encoding of all audio/video formats

• DVD authoring / mastering (Sonic Scenarist)

• Blu-ray authoring / mastering (Sonic BDJ)

• Desktop publishing

• Interactive media

• Flash programming

• DVD multiplication

• Menu design

• Cover design

Longstanding experience in DVD authoring forms the basis of our knowledge and competence with Blu-ray authoring. Scenarist BD is currently the most professional Blu-ray authoring program on the market. We offer totally new dimensions in design, advanced interactivity, pop-up menu control, animated buttons and fade, wipe, scroll in/out menu effects. This provides us unhindered access to the full Blu-ray Disc specifications, giving us the flexibility to make your product stand out.


More than 17 years of experience in countless projects have resulted in creative and high-quality DVD and Blu-ray projects.

In this area, we also work hand-in-hand with all our professional resources. From encoding and creation of graphic menus to the delivery of the DVD in a case.

We arrange and present your content using media that has not only dominated the entertainment industry, but is also used for presentations and marketing.

Direct access to our editing suites ensures direct, high-quality encoding. As a result, you are provided with picture and sound quality that is hard to top.

• Major film releases for DVD sale / rental

• Comedy /children’s / music / film DVDs

• Season compilation DVDs

• Exhibition DVDs

• Product presentations on DVD incl. navigation

• Internal communication, videos for events


The range of multimedia includes more than DVD / BD authoring.

Do you need a clip for the internet? We can advise you on the format, size, etc. that would best suit your needs. Of course, we can also produce the entire clip for you.

Looking for support with POS systems? We have longstanding experience. Just ask us.